Labor consultation by AI-powered chatbot began on Monday, October 2nd, on our revamped website!

We have started the operation of chatbot on October 2nd, in addition to our customary consultations by phone and other means. We are pleased to announce that we have also revamped the webpage of the Osaka Prefecture Labor Consultation Center to offer information in multiple languages.
Now labor consultation is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in six languages. Please feel free to utilize our chatbot to find solutions to your concerns and troubles.

*“Chatbot” is a word coined by combining “chat” and “robot.” It’s a tool in which an AI-powered robot engages in interactive communication automatically.


1. Languages Available
Six languages (Japanese, English, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Nepalese)
2. How to Enable Chatbot
Visit the home page of the Osaka Prefecture Labor Consultation Center ( and tap/click on the chatbot icon located at the bottom right, visit the URL below, or scan the QR code.

*To view the website in languages other than Japanese, choose the language you desire from the language selection setting.